Progress report: How to get virtually into a new team and project

We asked Simón Andrés how it was get virtually into a team during the corona pandemic and the lockdown in Spain. Here’s what he told us.

Hello folks

I have already spent 6 months with the Fluance team and it seemed like it was the last week when I joined.

At the begining, there were a lot of things that I didn’t know about my new job, the programming languages I had to use or how to proceed with it. I have just finished my grade about web development. But then I realized that I had a lot of new things to learn in order to be able to complete the new and exciting tasks Fluance had for me. This was the moment I started to enjoy spending time with my teammates and developing in the frontend area.

I’m looking forward to becoming a professional developer and this is going to get real thanks to Fluance’s project.

We are living in tough times with corona and sometimes the “home office” is inevitable, but I hope we can meet face to face soon and share some beers in the real world.

Simón Andrés

He belongs to our partner’s team inpeek in Valencia, Spain. He got his job during the lockdown in 2020.