Project Management & Consulting

We can work with you at all stages of project development from conception, to vendor negotiation to implementation together with your provider of choice.

Starting from evaluation, until you can start working with your new system, we’ll be there with you.

Our offer:

  • We lead and support your projects in medical IT, radiology, cardiology, laboratory and medical diagnostics (RIS/PACS, CIS, LIS, modalities etc.).
  • We help you with upcoming system changes.
  • We’ll find together improvements in your medical IT environment.
  • We provide our expertise in meetings and negotiations.
  • We conduct training courses and presentations on current topics of eHealth.
  • We analyse complex situations for you, provide an outside view and help you, to get stuck situations unstuck again.
  • We’ll provide the matching experts and specialists for you.
  • We are 100% independent and vendor neutral.