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Fluance eHealth Cockpit

Our cockpit is one of a kind: We were inspired from best-of-breed information systems all around the world and combined their principles with our own ideas and our experience. Together with some very skilled software engineers we developed a modular and standardized software environment. Thereby we address the increasing demand to have the newest patient data anywhere and anytime. We use web technologies and give a secured access with almost any device that can handle a modern web app … This thing is amazing and it comes without any license fees. It might be your game changer.

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[tabby title=”eHealth Innovation Management”]

eHealth Innovation Management

There are many more ideas we would like to bring to life.  And we realized very soon that these ideas are interesting for others on the healthcare and IT market. Finally we started to offer our services to others. The more we did, the better was our virtual community of experts … If you need some inspiring ideas or help in finding solutions for your business, we might be your partner.

Here just a little appetizer from the conhIT 2017

…or another one, where medical machines are flying around in an exhibition room @ KVWL in Dortmund

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Expertise in Medical IT

Our CEO is a physician with 20 years of expertise in the medical IT environment as a doctor, account manager, project manager, chief medical information officer, chief information officer and chief innovation officer . In addition we have team members with several years of experience in system deployment and change management in medical informatics and IT for medical diagnostics. No matter what kind of medical or clinical IT system you want to implement or change, we are the right address for you.

[tabby title=”ICT Expertise & Software Development”]

ICT Expertise & Software Development

We have experts and software developers with skills and experience in many different fields of ICT. Therefore we’re able to give expertise, to support system implementations and to consult decision makers, not only in the healthcare industry. If you have a well defined need or just a strange gut feeling don’t hesitate to talk to us. We might be able to help you, or we will find someone who can.

[tabby title=”Projekt Management & Consulting”]

Projekt Management & Consulting

We’ll develop with you the idea of your project, negotiate with the vendor of your choice and lead the project together with the provider that you chose. Starting from evaluation, until you can start working with your new system, we’ll be there with and for you. See Description.