Behind the scenes

Two apprentices – two experiences

Remo Misteli, Apprentice in the 3rd year of computer science, application development

For me it was the first time I had to teach someone something new. It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but I figured out that I liked it.

The most difficult part was to estimate how long different tasks would take, because I didn’t know how good Metodij would understand the things I had to show him. But it was rewarding, seeing how fast he learned and how fun he had learning and applying new knowledge.

Personally, I could benefit from these two weeks: It was motivating to recognize how much I have learned in the past years. I got experience in planning a project and I recognized that I really enjoyed teaching someone new things. Maybe I’d like to work with apprentices once in my future.

Metodij Krshkov, Apprentice in the 1st year of computer science, application development

I’m happy to be a member of Fluance AG. In my first week I was able to step in a challenge which motivated me.

It was cool having Remo as an attendant. I was able to learn a lot with him, he was anytime open for helping me with the project.

The best thing was that I was more on myself. In my opinion it’s the best way to learn something. I learned a lot about coding and now I could even start a little project on my own. 

I can see me in the future integrated in the Fluance Team and be able working without any problems, because in this week I saw that this passionates me.

Apprentice’s project

Our two apprentices had only 2 weeks of time to bring something to life. A project has had to be found and realized in order to teach our newbe the most important skills at Fluance.

Remo Misteli, 3rd year in apprenticeship:

The main goal was to create a project for Metodij he will enjoy and that would work in the end. Because we only had 2 weeks time to set it up, we couldn’t go to deep into details.

Before giving the tasks to Metodij, I checked them all first by myself, just to be sure where problems could accur. Afterwards, I could explain him what I expected.

After the project is finished, Metodij is able to work on it at home, if he wants to tighten his new skills. I liked to help him every time he asked me to. And I enjoyed working on this joint project more than I ever expected.

About the project: We set up a chatroom. Feel free to try it out. 

Metodij Krshkov, 1st year in apprenticeship

Our project was to build a chatroom. We had a goal to finish this project and upload it.

I was working together with Remo but not at the same level. While Remo did more the difficult job, I was busy with beginner stuff because I’m a newcomer in the coding world.

As already mentioned, I had Remo behind me all the time in case of questions.

The start was kind of hard with coding, but over the time I came slowly into it and was able to improve my skills and knowledge.

From my site I’m ready to work again on the chatroom the next time I’m in the office. I’m really happy with our final product because it’s something I can see anytime show to anyone. It’s a cool project.