Fluance eHealth Cockpit

The Fluance eHealth Cockpit is the answer to the needs of the modern hospital environment. Built on tested principles and best practices in software engineering, data management and user experience design, we bring together all your patient data accumulated in the busy day of a clinic anywhere and anytime on your device.

The application inspired from best-of-breed information systems is secure and available on any device able to handle a modern web app. We made it open source. It’s without fees, a free platform that we can extend and adapt to your particular needs.

We combine the data flows of a whole hospital group, so that the doctors, nurses and administrative staff are aware of up-to-date facts, whatever they set out to do to help their patients.

So nothing keeps you from starting straight away with the Fluance eHealth Cockpit. It might be your game changer. But don’t take just our word for it. Try it out yourself and visit our demo system.

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