Digital Days in Zurich

In Olten I was looking for my teammate Kurt in the second wagon in row of the crammed ICN. I almost thought we had missed each other somehow. But then I discovered him. He had already reserved a place for me. We spent the half hour to Zurich with a little bit small talk.

Our booth was at the same place as last year. As usual we first greeted our co-exhibitors from Helsana and Medgate as well as Swiss Medical Network, under whose name we finally appeared there. A group photo was taken and shared on social media.

Kurt and I each had an iPhone and iPad with us. We presented our apps and software solutions, which came from our company, to interested visitors. Some were in development, others in the pilot phase, and still others already integrated into clinical everyday life. While some booth visitors showed interest in our work, others were on the hunt for “give-aways”. How convenient that Swiss Medical Network had to hand out small cans with the logo and “Fisherman’s Friend” sweets.

Also celebrities were present. I didn’t see all of them, but I was able to photograph Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer and Einstein presenter Tobias Müller myself from a distance and secretly. 😉

The long standing around was laborious, above all if one was not used to it. The back protested. Walking around the stands, looking at other things, listening to the speakers for a moment… just stretching the legs – yes, that was good.

At 19.00 o’clock it was finally over. I hurried to the train – after all I wanted to be home in time. Stupidly enough that I ran onto the wrong track in a hurry and caught the wrong train. Well, the way home with the detour via Bern took a correspondingly long time.